Holistic Treatments

Holistic Therapies treat the mind and body as one by delivering total relaxation on another level.  Allow us to transport you to a different realm where your mind and body can relax with ease to aid restful sleep and in some cases  assist with issues such as anxiety, depression, bereavement and many more.

The effects of stress on the skin is profound. It is more important than ever to take time out to recharge yourself. This helps to reset the skin function and minimises issues such as stress related eczema, hormonal breakouts, tired and dehydrated skin.  These holistic therapies go hand in hand with our facial treatments to help find some balance.

Hopi Ear Candling          Allow 30 min          £30                                                                  This is a unique and ancient treatment ritual founded by the Hopi Indian people helps clear blocked sinuses. The ear candle is put just inside the ear and burns down acting as a semi vacuum to draw moisture from the ear wax, this helps reduce swelling and excess fluid that may block the sinuses. We then do a drainage massage on the face and scalp to relax you further.

Reflexology                  Allow 60 min         £40                                                                             A Specialised pressure point massage on the feet with hot towel foot cleanse and aromatherapy foot balm. This unique treatment allows the therapist to see an overall picture of your health and highlight areas which may benefit from further attention. Also resets and gives balance to the energy levels. This is available exclusively with Kelly and Louise. Why not add on a pedicure to enhance your treatment. 

Indian Head Massage Allow 30 min £30

A relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage using ancient techniques to relax and recharge you. 

Reiki   Allow 50 minutes  £40

Coming soon with Natalie and Kelly  hopefully before December 2022 

Hypnotherapy  £65

Amy Orledge is our resident hypnotherapist and can help with a number of issues such as:  bereavement, self worth, self confidence, general relaxation, mindfulness, addiction, phobias and general wellbeing. Also issues relating to the menopause can be improved with this therapy. 

Check out her website and contact her directly for a chat  https://sublimemind.co.uk

Amy works from the salon on a Sunday to give you a private informal session in our relaxing lounge. Message her to arrange your appointment.