My swim journey

I want to share a story with you. Grab a cuppa and settle in . . .

I have been a member of my gym for a few years now on and off plus breaks for lockdown etc. I wanted to get back into it as I was feeling like I could easily stay at home with my dogs all the time. Plus I was feeling frumpy and my clothes were more than snug, so I thought it was time to get back out there and face my issues and start being the change I wanted to make.

So after a few days of dragging myself out of bed and to the gym, I still wasn’t feeling it. The gym just wasn’t where I wanted to be.
Don’t get me wrong I did feel better after, but I wasn’t filling me with joy even though I bought new gym gear to make myself feel good.
I may go back and do some workouts in there again soon but for now I have found my favourite exercise.

I remembered I preferred the pool and I love swimming. I’ve been going now for the past 5 weeks and I think I’ve finally established a habit.

The first week I wore my old swimsuit which wasn’t the most flattering but I didn’t let that stop me. I could have put it off and waited for my new one but I showed up and swam !

I am now sporting my new bravissimo costume that is most flattering and gives me more confidence as it holds all my wobbly bits in nicely.

I have gradually built up my lengths over the past few weeks, I don’t count the lengths personally I go by time, so 20 minutes then built up to longer sessions and do what I can.
I swim with a purpose using long slow but sure movements pushing my arms out and kicking my legs I can feel the bingo wings tightening and my body getting firmer.

When I go early in the morning, the pool is quiet and the sun glistens on the water, it’s so peaceful. I sometimes visualise a mountain lake while I swim.
I find swimming a rhythmic meditative exercise, it helps me clear my head and mentally plan the rest of my day.  It is a lovely start to the day and I’m glad I persevered and stuck to my early morning routine, as it now feels natural to get up and go, I actually wake up automatically now.
They have a jacuzzi and a steam room too, so its like a mini spa day before work. I make it special so it feels less like a chore a more for the good of my health and selfcare. I take my nice shampoos and cleansers and a big soft towel so it’s a luxury experience. I put my body cream on and make up and dry my hair it all just runs smoothly now so long as I get my bag ready the night before, and make the intention to go.

I can already feel my body toning up slowly but surely and my energy levels and mobility have improved. I have made tweaks to my diet to fuel my brain and body as I think I may be perimenopausal, so need all the help I can get. I take my vitamins and collagen supplement and have a great skincare routine as you would expect. I make sure I am looking after myself even though my days are full I fit it in because it is so important.

So why am I telling you all this ?

The moral of this story is to help you see windows of time that you may not have considered yet to carve some time for yourself.
This can be used to do something just for you.

Whatever makes you happy.

You need to make yourself a priority right now !

Even if you start with small things such as sitting down with your morning coffee instead of grabbing it and rushing around, maybe try meditating for 5 minutes, this can be just deep breaths nothing too complicated or woo woo. I know you may have a rush on a morning getting the kids ready, but wherever you find 5 minutes try to enjoy it.
Maybe try a gentle yoga class or a nice walk.
Why not book that massage after all your shoulders can’t take much more !

You don’t have to do anything too drastic, I just wanted to remind you of how awesome you are and that you should be looking after yourself.

Have fun and let me know how you get on I would love to hear your stories.
If you need any advice or want to have a chat get in touch.

Traditional skincare will not improve your skin

If you keep using traditional skincare your skin is not going to improve !
If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms please get in touch :
🚨 Hormonal breakouts
🚨 Sensitised skin
🚨 Redness
🚨 Lines and wrinkles
🚨 Dry or oily patches
🚨 Flaky skin
🚨 Uneven texture or tone
🚨 Make up goes on patchy
🚨 Excess oil
🚨 Pigmentation
The thing is, traditional skincare only works on the surface of the skin and simply cannot treat any of these symptoms successfully.
We work on the cause of the symptom and our advanced skin technology facial range – Nimue gets to the deeper layers of the skin.
This changes cellular function and can retrain how the cells behave.
This is done by Nimue’s unique patented delivery systems which enable pharmaceutical grade ingredients to penetrate deep into the dermis to treat the cause of the problem.
So if you’re still wondering why your Aldi or even Estee Lauder moisturiser isn’t giving you the results you want, maybe it’s time for a change and some expert advice.
Oh and please use SPF daily.
It’s the same sun everywhere !
You know there’s only one Sun right ?
Wherever you are in the world, it’s your best defence against environmental damage. Whether you can see it or feel it its there trust me !
Another top tip for you :
Avoid thicker creams thinking you need more moisture.
This causes the negative feedback cycle which means the skin can’t cope with all the lipids in the creams and reacts badly.
You are better layering your products as follows :
Message us to finally get your skin in shape this summer !📧

Bridal Skin Consultation

We did this shoot quite a few years ago with our resident photographer @rebeccafearnphotography
I am posting this image to remind you to get your skin in its best health before your big day so you can glow like our model.
We do bespoke skincare plans to help you start your nimue journey to better skin. Its important to get the correct advice and products that will suit your skin. You can’t just buy random skincare and expect it to work for you because its what your mother-in-law’s friend’s niece uses !
And I cannot stress this enough – please don’t be tempted to do a quiz on Tik Tok to find out what’s best either.
We can look at your skin and the whole picture of how busy your lifestyle is, what sorts of stresses are affecting you right now, what you eat, are you getting enough of the good stuff ? Do you take omega 3 supplements etc ? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors or in an office.
Also the main thing is how we can fit a good skincare routine into your schedule to make sure you stick to it.
You get us as your very own personal skin specialist on hand for advice whenever you need it.
Message us to book in for a chat about your skin.

Mummy wine culture

When did this whole mummy wine culture become so popular?
Alcohol is one of the most available substances for addiction.
So many of the people we speak to can’t wait to get home to a midweek glass of wine.
It’s so glamorised now as smoking used to be in the old films.
🍷Hard day at work reach for the wine
🍷 kids doing your head in …
🍷 stressed and not sleeping well …
Newsflash ⚡️
The wine won’t help you !
❌ It will make you irritable
❌ dehydrated
❌ grumpy
❌ Your skin will feel parched
❌ You won’t be getting better sleep
❌ You may get hot flushes
❌ Not to mention a headache after
🧖‍♀️Why not try some complimentary therapies that will help relax you in a different way.
🙏We offer quite a few holistic treatments that would definitely make you feel much better than a glass of wine.
✅ Hypnotherapy
✅ Reflexology
✅ Aromatherapy massage
✅ Extra relaxing facials
✅ Aromatic treatment rituals
✅ Reiki – Coming soon
We can help you get into good habits and give you tips to give you a more positive mindset.
We can listen to your problems.
And make you feel better.
Drop us a message to discuss what alternatives we can offer you.

Micellar Water

Micellar Water

What’s all the fuss about then ?

Firstly this product was made as a quick and easy make up remover when water is not always available. Perfect in situations such as backstage at a catwalk , a photoshoot, if you are in hospital or a camping trip maybe.

Basically its for an emergency use, its not supposed to be your regular cleanser its simply does not do the job thoroughly enough.

Plus its not ‘quick’  – it takes a good 4 cotton pads doused in this stuff to remove a full face of make up including eye make up.

-This causes trauma to the delicate skin and can lead to a number of issues such as : Redness, dryness, dehydration, breakouts are inevitable as the barrier will soon become impaired making the skin prone to more issues than normal.

What’s in it anyway ?

Well its marketed as a gentle cleansing water which would suggest its suitable for sensitive skin – WRONG !

It contains alcohol, parabens, perfume and artificial fragrance. All these irritate the skin and it will just move and spread the make up around your skin. Or general grime if you don’t wear make up.

I does not remove it from the face effectively at all.

Some people have gotten into the habit of using this kind of product for a first cleanse then using the ‘good stuff’ for the second cleanse.

My advice is get a good all round cleansing gel that will remove eye makeup, general grime (sweat, oils, sebum, environmental pollution etc)

Nimue cleansing gel or lite version will do this job whilst improving your skin health and repairing the barrier instead of stripping it.

  • Apply 2 pumps to wet hands
  • Massage into the face, neck and around the eyes
  • Remove by gently wiping with a warm damp cloth
  • Repeat if desired

Much easier than messing about rubbing your face with cotton pads

Do yourself a favour and STOP using Micellar Water please !

Drop us a message to book your FREE  skin consultation to learn how to look after your skin properly and treat it with the respect it deserves.

It can get confusing with the mixed messages from the media shouting about the latest fad product – the thing is, it’s not necessarily the best thing for your skin and could cause more harm than good.


Thanks for reading this blog and follow us on socials to find out more about our amnesty to stop using facial wipes and other nasties.


My story

Me at college 1996
Me now 2022








Hi I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Natalie and I am the proprietor of The Powder Room beauty salon in Birstall. I wanted to share with you my journey of how I became so passionate about skin and where it all started.

So its 1994 and I’m cleansing my mums face on her bed with all her Avon and Ivés Rocher products. I’ve put a headband on her, got my cotton wool and cleansing sponges ready and laid all the cleanser, toner, exfoliator and moisturiser out to do a home facial.

My mum enjoyed it and felt revived after some relax time. She has always shown me a good example of skincare and cleansing and from a young age I was asking which potions and lotions did what. We did this regularly and I enjoyed being a facialist now and again. It felt good.

While I was still at school, I did a work experience placement for 2 weeks at a salon in Dewsbury and loved it. I got to try new products and learn how treatments were done in a professional salon setting. The smells were lovely all the essential oils and nail polishes mingled together.  I learnt how to be receptionist and watched the ladies do their clients for certain treatments.

This spurred me on to have an interest in beauty therapy so I knuckled down on my GCSE Biology and Business Studies at school with a view to do a beauty course at college in the future.

1996 – I got a place at Huddersfield Technical College as it was then, to do a B.Tec National Diploma in Beauty therapy alongside a VIA Aromatherapy qualification.

I loved it from the moment I walked in to that classroom, the smell of fresh paint for the new term ahead, new stationary and the buzz of learning about a subject I had a vested interest in. Despite the crisp white uniform with white shoes – don’t ask , we all matched and felt daft, but its what we wore back then, it was the fashion apparently.

I soon made friends and we are still in touch today – you know who you all are !

I learned all about skin histology, the endocrine system, anatomy and physiology, microbiology and much more. Then there were all the practical skills that go with the job – how to perform treatments on real people and how important a good consultation is to determine any contraindications or underlying issues which may affect the treatment.

We did treatments on each other and the public, it was fun to learn and put it all into practice.

I was lucky that I knew from a young age where my path was headed. I knew I wanted to make people feel better about their skin and themselves by relaxing them and putting them at ease as well as sharing my knowledge.

– I still can’t help doing this now as it bubbles out of me with such enthusiasm.

Anyway you get the idea … So fast forward to my first beauty job in a local salon in 1998. I was there for 5 years and learned so much from my boss at the time and team of girls there. I was sent on training for Clarins, E’spa and Decléor , This was amazing as it was turning my college ways into real skills that have developed over the years. It gave me the luxury spa element they just don’t teach you at college.

After been employed for a while, I became self employed at the same salon and put all my business skills into action.

I then decided in 2002 to go it alone and start my own business and planned to open a salon.

While I was looking for premises, I did mobile for my regulars who still come to see me now – thanks for sticking with me all this time by the way.

I didn’t drive then, so I got the bus and walked for hours with my wheelie suitcase with all the kit in to keep my clients happy and in touch with me.  I did this for quite a while.

I then found the shop we are in now in Birstall and work on the big build began shortly after. It took a long 15 months to complete so I carried on doing some mobile and some in the flat above until it was ready. There was a lot to do as it was an old greengrocers shop. Everything got ripped out and the treatment rooms were formed along with the reception area and shower for the mud wraps and spray tans. I didn’t have much stock then as I was just starting out so the window displays had tea sets and various ornaments, this didn’t really reflect what kind of shop it was going to be so it kept everyone on the village guessing what was gong to be opening soon.

The big day finally came when the Mayor came to cut the ribbon and declare us open for business on Saturday 29 November 2003. It was a joyous day and I was so proud. I worked alone for a while then got a receptionist and gradually built up my team. We have had so many therapists come and go over the years for work experience and for employment, also some people rented rooms from me . I’m happy to say I am still in touch with many of the team members from over the years and consider them friends.

I have learned so many new things and adapted the treatment offering accordingly to match beauty trends and peoples choices. We used to do minx toes, spray tans, make up and children’s parties back then. But I have since decided to streamline what the salon does and now specialise in spa days and advanced skin treatments. Even though we still have basic manicure, pedicure and waxing on the menu, I’m sure things may change again in time to come.

We have become a Day Spa now as we knocked through into the shop next door a few years ago to make the shop bigger and created a secret spa suite. This houses a Mud Rasul Steam Room and relax lounge, also we now have a dedicated space for spa parties so groups can enjoy some time together.

We have a pedicure bench so clients can enjoy luxurious rituals and an aromatic foot soak in the copper foot baths.

Also two manicure desks where we offer natural nail treatments and hand rituals as well as shellac nail paint.

We have two treatment rooms to perform our advanced Nimue technology facials. This is where the magic happens, as we can advise and treat the cause not just the symptom of certain skin concerns. The results speak for themselves.
We also perform or aromatic body massage and relaxing holistic rituals in these rooms.

All in all my journey in the industry has been fun and I have learned so much over the years from college and my experiences in other salons. I have a clear vision of where I want the salon to go in the future and feel privileged to have stayed in business despite the pandemic. We have had to adapt and pivot what we did and how we did it but that again was a learning curve and I’m grateful for the experience.

We have recently won awards for Beauty Salon of the year, and each therapist won an individual award for their skill set. I am super proud and this has reinforced that hard work is well worth putting in the effort.

I have a 15 year old son who has witnessed my work ethic first hand and I believe it has shaped him as an individual. He knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to aim high. I am proud of him and am glad he has an interest in business and being his own boss. Having the salon has given me the freedom to attend all his school assemblies and trips and bring him up with a strong positive work ethic to set him on his future path, wherever it may lead.

I am expanding my knowledge further to incorporate social media skills, marketing and how best to serve my clients on a deeper level. I now focus a lot of time on being the best skin specialist I can be. Doing more in depth training to target my clients needs more specifically. Our philosophy has always been to make the most of what we have and keep things as natural as possible. So with this in mind our facials in particular encourage skin cells to repair from the inside out and protect the natural barrier, this is the backbone of most procedures we offer.

Even our manicure treatments reflect this as we do natural nails and rejuvenating hand rituals to nourish the skin and slow down the ageing process gently. We are all about boosting self esteem and making our clients feel looked after and nurtured. Whilst sharing our knowledge of how they can continue this feeling at home between salon treatments.

I would highly recommend being you’re own boss and setting goals regularly to keep you aiming high and stay on track.

I would also advise not to be phased by other peoples opinions and to trust your gut feelings as they’re usually right.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope it has inspired you in some way.

Author – Natalie Tai Award Winning Skin Specialist

The Powder Room – Birstall





Why are face wipes so bad anyway ?

We all know that we shouldn’t be using face wipes. However, wet wipes are behind 93% of sewer blockages most of them are being flushed down toilets every day. As well as filling up the oceans, lining beaches, clogging up our sewers and generally causing environmental destruction, they’re also really bad news for your skin.  Yet global sales of wipes are set to increase even further as the need for convenience takes over.

The trouble is, face wipes are very convenient. With the ability to remove make up and ‘cleanse’ a face in seconds, it’s really no wonder they’re hard to give up.

However, if people really knew the truth about the horrors that face wipes are causing to their skin, they might think again before they pick up more on the next supermarket trip.

If the environmental damage isn’t enough to stop you, you should see what face wipes are really capable of when it comes to your complexion. And believe me it is shocking !

They don’t actually clean your face !

If you’ve spent your life thinking a face wipe is all you need to remove your makeup, here’s your wake up call. “Face wipes do not clean as thoroughly as a dedicated facial cleanser and water, often leaving behind grime and oil which may over time lead to clogged pores, breakouts and even irritation from residual product on the skin,” warns Dr Alexis Granite, Consulting Dermatologist at Kiehl’s Yep, that’s right, they’re barely cleaning your face at all.

Skincare Expert and Celebrity Facialist Emma Brown says: “Face wipes will do nothing for your skin. They’re not able to actually clean your skin. They will remove part of your makeup or surface bacteria but they’re not able to effectively breakdown the makeup, oil and dirt you just end up smearing the day’s grime around your face.” Gross.

They’re causing daily skin trauma !

You should never exfoliate everyday so why would you happily scrub your face with a wipe morning and night? Using wipes could lead to increased breakouts as well as sensitivity and irritation from residual grime, sebum and cleansing product on the skin, those with sensitive skin and rosacea may also experience irritation from the rubbing action of facial wipes with prolonged use. So it turns out that lasting redness isn’t just annoying, it’s seriously bad news.

Expect inflammation and irritation !

Speaking of redness, have you ever noticed that your skin starts flushing immediately after you’ve used a wipe? It’s not just from rubbing. The chemicals used in wipes aren’t particularly friendly. Beauty Expert jane scriver explains: “Face wipes are harsh on the skin because they contain strong, drying chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils, altering the delicate pH of your acid mantle, which can cause inflammation and irritation.”

They also contain mould inhibitors to stop grime growing in the pack every time we touch them with dirty hands, so imagine what that’s doing to the skin.

They age your skin A LOT quicker

If your skin looks great and gives you no reason to look for an alternative cleansing method, don’t be so quick to think that you’re an exception to the ‘face wipe’ rule. Prolonged face wipe usage can lead to accelerated dehydration, stripping the skin’s natural oil content and challenging the pH of the skin’s acid mantle – this is actually one of the main reasons people think they have sensitive skin!

In the short term skin will become irritated, red, inflamed and spotty with prolonged use of face wipes. However, without having an effective cleansing routine in place, over time, skin will become more lined, wrinkled, slack and dull.

If this information has been enough to finally convince you that face wipes aren’t the way forward, check out our Amnesty Campaign.

We invite you to come and bring your wipes to The Powder Room Birstall and drop them into our amnesty bin. We will then give you a FREE sample and a personalised skin consultation to show you a healthier way to get cleansed skin. Drop us a message to find out more.

Author Natalie Tai

Award Winning Skin Specialist

The Powder Room Birstall





Our Award Winning Salon

We are delighted to announce we have recently won a number of awards for our beauty salon in Birstall. The British Hair and Beauty Awards shortlisted us and presented us with the following awards :

The Powder Room Birstall scooped Beauty Salon of the Year Silver Award for  contributions to community events and causes over the years.

Natalie was awarded Bronze for Skin Specialist of the year, we are super proud that all the additional training and commitment during lockdown has been recognised.

Aimee has been awarded Bronze Medal for Brow Specialist of the year. I’m sure all her clients will agree this is very well deserved, its amazing what the right brow shape can do for your face.

Kelly has scooped a Silver Medal for Massage Therapist of the Year. She certainly knows how to look after her clients and irons out all their tension, very well deserved indeed.

Thank you to all our clients for their well wishes and for continuing to support us, it really does mean a lot, as we approach our 18 year anniversary we couldn’t be happier.


Teenage Skin and Nimue

This is to compliment my live video on teenage skin and how nimue can help.

Check it out here

I wanted to highlight how important it is to get into good habits with skin at a younger age.  There are risks to using supermarket and high street chemist brands, as they contain ingredients that may react badly to a delicate skin and definitely would make a problem skin worse rather than better.

It is a common misconception that a ” simple ”  off the shelf brand is a good choice. The problem with this is they are priced cheaply because they are full of irritating ingredients that would upset the skins natural PH and barrier.

With nimue we work to repair the skins barrier and protect it whilst stimulating the areas that need to function more efficiently. Such as if the skin is clogged with blackheads or spots, we would work to clear them and alleviate the redness of swollen spots which are usually a hormonal issue.

The Y:Skin range from nimue is specially designed to be a comprehensive set of products to deliver results and set them on the right path to a good skincare routine. It is a difficult time for teenagers as everything is changing as well as their skin, they maybe under exam stress or having relationship troubles.  All this can be very overwhelming and then the skin starts playing up to top it all off. We can help make it easier to sort the skin out by giving you a personalised consultation to ascertain what your key requirements are and make a specific plan of action for you.

Call us to book your appointment on 01924470330 or message the facebook page and we will get in touch