Teenage Skin and Nimue

This is to compliment my live video on teenage skin and how nimue can help.

Check it out here      https://fb.watch/7ue61ONTCO/

I wanted to highlight how important it is to get into good habits with skin at a younger age.  There are risks to using supermarket and high street chemist brands, as they contain ingredients that may react badly to a delicate skin and definitely would make a problem skin worse rather than better.

It is a common misconception that a ” simple ”  off the shelf brand is a good choice. The problem with this is they are priced cheaply because they are full of irritating ingredients that would upset the skins natural PH and barrier.

With nimue we work to repair the skins barrier and protect it whilst stimulating the areas that need to function more efficiently. Such as if the skin is clogged with blackheads or spots, we would work to clear them and alleviate the redness of swollen spots which are usually a hormonal issue.

The Y:Skin range from nimue is specially designed to be a comprehensive set of products to deliver results and set them on the right path to a good skincare routine. It is a difficult time for teenagers as everything is changing as well as their skin, they maybe under exam stress or having relationship troubles.  All this can be very overwhelming and then the skin starts playing up to top it all off. We can help make it easier to sort the skin out by giving you a personalised consultation to ascertain what your key requirements are and make a specific plan of action for you.

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